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  Evil Eye Hamsa Pendant Necklace with Light Blue Lucky Eye and Cubic Zirconia
Evil Eye Hamsa Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace with Light Blue Lucky Eye and Cubic Zirconia

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This Hamsa (Hand of God) eye pendant is made of solid .925 Sterling Silver and cubic zirconia. In the center there is a light blue lucky eye for protection from the Evil Eye and negative energies.
The Hand of God (also known as Hamsa) is the traditional charm for warding off the evil eye and negative energies, as well as a charm for prosperity - the open palm symbolizes receiving.

About The Hamsa: The Hamsa (meaning "five") is a human palm-shaped symbol, recognized worldwide as a sign of protection. Throughout the ages, it was believed to be a powerful Talisman providing defense against the Evil Eye. The symbol predates Christianity and Islam. Jews refer to it as the Hand of the biblical Miriam (sister of Moses and Aaron). It is also known as the Hand of Fatima (daughter of Mohammad the prophet). Levantine Christians call it the Hand of Mary, for the Virgin Mary, and it was used to protect women from the Evil Eye. It is also the Buddha's famous Abhaya gesture (mudra) of protection. In popular culture, it is commonly known as the Hand of God. It is commonly worn as a jewelry Necklace, Bracelet, Amulet, Charm or hung on walls and over doorways of homes and businesses.

About The Evil Eye:The Evil Eye (Mal de Ojo, עַיִן הָרַע‎, عين الحسود‎, Malocchio in Italian, Nazar boncuk or Nazar boncuğu in Turkish, and Mati in Greek) is a malevolent look that is believed to be able to cause injury or bad luck to the person at whom it is directed. The term refers to the power of inflicting injury or bad luck by such a look. The Lucky Eye (a painted eye usually in blue colors) is supposed to reflect the malicious gaze back to the source (the one who gave us the Evil Eye).

  • Material: .925 Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia, Enamel
  • Dimensions: 1/2" x 2/5" inch (1.3 x 1 cm)
  • Necklace Length: 16" or 18" Selectable

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