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  Kabbalah Hod Vehadar (Majestic) Ring - 14k White Gold, Diamonds and Green Amethyst for Healing
Kabbalah Hod Vehadar Majestic Ring in 14k White Gold, Diamonds & Green Amethyst for Healing


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This brilliant artisan ring is hand crafted according to the ancient Kabbalah scriptures. It is made of 14k white gold and a green amethyst known for its healing virtue and surrounded by diamonds for a total carat weight of .30. Hidden in the ring's crown are 4 grains of silver, copper, tin and lead in accordance with the instructions given in the book of Creation (Sefer Yetzirah) .

Engraved around the crown is the psalm "Keep me from all troubles, fears and illness" - used for protection.

The method in which the ring is made together with the engraved blessing makes it into a potent spiritual amulet.

Made in the Holy Land by Kabbalah artisans and blessed by a Rabbi on the night of the new moon in accordance with tradition to give the jewelry the virtue of blessings and protection.

Please note this is a custom jewelry hand-made to order and will require 1 to 4 weeks to deliver. A jewelry box is included.

About Kabbalah 5 Metals Jewelry: As it is written in the Holy Scriptures, the method of making the Kabbalah jewel together with the moment of its creation creates a powerful amulet for success, health, livelihood and abundance, union and fertility and protection from evil. The time of creation is at the end of shabbat (Saturday night) right after the event of the full moon.
According to the book of Yezira (Creation) and the Kabbalistic astrology the 5 elements also generate additional benefits to the holder of the jewel.

Gold: The Sun - Represents vitality, infinite power for success, livelihood, happiness and wealth. Also symbolizes the masculine side.

Silver: The Moon - Represents the needs of the soul, family and children, serenity and peace, compassion and kindness towards self and others. Also symbolizes the feminine side and Monday.

Copper: Venus - Represents the expressions of the soul, creativity, love, relationships, peacefulness, harmony and unconditional love.

Tin: Mercury - Represents comprehension, communication, changes, courage to act, tapping into inner strength, release from negativity.

Lead: Saturn - Represents self-fulfillment, authority, feelings, the bridge between the past and the future, harness the power of life, and awareness.

  • Size: Selectable
  • Material: 14K White Gold, Diamonds (t.c.w .30), Amethyst

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