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Pink String Wraparound Evil Eye Bracelet with Lucky Eyes for Purity | Lucky Charms USA


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This Popping Hot Pink suede lucky string is a best seller. Have it as a wraparound bracelet, necklace, anklet or anything else you can think of. Hang it on a baby's stroller, your travel bag, school bag, in the car or on your ride. It is common knowledge that the lucky eyes protect from bad vibes, while the color pink, aside from being...Awesome! is also the color of love, sweet and feminine.

Comes with a color card, explaining the meanings of all the colors.

Gift Idea: Pink needs no excuse to be a gift to yourself or your besties so use it as a bff bracelet or as a unique cool gift in your next bash. Check out HERE our 14 Strings Party Pack Special! Or, our 28 Strings Value Pack Special!

Evil Eye what?: The Evil Eye is when someone is jealous of you, gossips about you and always puts you down. So some of our more clever long-bearded ancestors came up with this awesome idea to create these beads looking like an eye so we can have additional eyes to watch over us and they named it ...drum roll ... ta da ... the Evil Eye! Why, you ask? Because it was their idea and they could name it whatever they want. Ok, seriously, they call it the evil eye because it was supposed to watch out for us and protect us from those jealous, no good people who are gossiping and dissing us. And thus, giving us the evil eye or bad luck.

Then they hired these really amazing prehistoric fashion designers and consultants to design them evil eye jewelry in amazing styles and colors, setting trends all over the planet and beyond. Those talented designers came up among many other designs with this awesome evil eye wrap around bracelet in many different cool colors and they named it ... more drum roll ... and ... a cymbal ... Ta Da ... the Lucky Eyes!. Why? You ask, again! Just because it was their design and they could name it whatever they want and theres nothing we can do about that. Plus, it was something new and totally cute. And, lo and behold, people started wearing these cool evil eyes, now called the trendy Lucky Eyes to tell other people, "Hey, I'm watching you. Don't even think about it! "

  • Length: 40" inches (100 cm)
  • Material: Hot Pink Artificial Suede, Nazar Acrylic Beads

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